4 Proven Steps Guaranteed To Explode Your Service Business
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Discover The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The 4- Step System To A Thriving, Profitable And Wildly Successful Service Business.

Discover The Step-By-Step Framework

The 4- Step System To A Thiving, Profitable And Wildy Successful Service Business.

Are you sick to death of cold calling and sending outreach emails? Do you struggle to attract qualified leads and turn them into paying customers? Then The Online Prosperity Blueprint is PERFECT for your business!
The Online Prosperity Blueprint

You Want To Live the best life, Learn all you can, And Contribute to greater humanity

But you’ve probably realised that building a business thats profitable and enjoyable isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

  • Do you struggle to make sales and get new customers?

  • Do you need help creating a clear vision for your business?

  • Do you want to build a large audience and client base, but don’t know how?

  • Are you lost and confused when it comes to traffic and Digital Marketing?

  • Are people ignoring your message?

  • Does all of today’s fancy marketing tactics make your brain hurt?

  • Could you use a guide who can show you the way?

The Online Prosperity Blueprint

Attract Highly-Qualified Prospects So You Can Increase Sales And Revenue

Too many lead generation agencies focus on quantity of leads, rather than quality. At Livelong Digital, we’re shifting the focus. This means concentrating leads that are more likely to convert into real customers, and moving marketing teams away from a campaign-driven mindset that isn’t built with the end goal of revenue in mind.

Through lead generation methods that bring prospects to you – and don’t disrupt their lives with low-value content – we’re able to generate effective traffic that performs. This means you get your sales-qualified leads who are far more likely to generate real revenue for your business.

The Online Prosperity Blueprint

Are You Tired Of Living From "Hand To Mouth"...?

And Do You Want A Business That's Profitable and Enjoyable...
...No Matter The Economic Climate Or the Next Algorithm Update?

 The goal for every coach, consultant and small business owner, is to get more clients and
customers, generate more revenue, and grow their online business…
 I assume that is also a goal
that you want to achieve for your business. That’s probably why you’re here.

But how can you achieve that goal? What is it that you should do in order to scale and grow
your online business?

What you need – above all else –. is an actionable digital marketing strategy that actually
works and is proven to get great results.
You need a good and detailed action plan with the
right steps that should be taken to get you from point A (where you are right now) to point B
(where you want to be). You need to have a powerful system that you can use and that will
guarantee success.

You Are About To Discover A Brand New Kind Of Service Business, That's Profitable And Enjoyable.

The Online Prosperity Blueprint is designed to do just that. It’s a highly practical and proven marketing strategy that is designed to help give you an unfair advantage over the competition, get high-quality leads, generate more revenue, and travel the world (if that’s your thing). In short, the aim of ‘the online prosperity blueprint’ is to take your online business to the next level.

My name is Prosper Taruvinga and I want to thank you and also congratulate you for signing up for this free report.

In this report, I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to know about scaling and growing your own highly profitable and wildly successful online business using my proven and practical 4-step marketing system. So let’s get down to business…

The Online Prosperity Blueprint

Discover The Online Prosperity Blueprint

The 4- Step System To A Thriving, Profitable And Wildly Successful Service Business.


The ultimate, no-nonsense guide to help you market your Coaching, Consulting and Service business, build a brand, and make more money than ever from marketing expert Prosper M. Taruvinga.

Here’s what you will discover:

Dynamic pathways to Maximum AUTHORITY- so that you are sought out and
your products and services’ accepted without question!

Two kinds of CLARITY essential for marketing success that is missing from most coaching, consulting and small businesses.

THE question to ask yourself, that, when answered, dramatically multiplies the power of advertising and elevates you above all competition.

The 4-Step Online Prosperity Blueprint for savvy use of social media - the trap most business people fall victim to

A most radical, revolutionary change to your entire approach to selling -why the sale delayed can be the sale more easily made!

The Online Prosperity Method for virtually unlimited PRICE ELASTICITY And the all-time, best-ever answer to any and every price objection.

The Online Prosperity Secret to BEING ADMIRED -as means of attracting customers especially eager to do business with you

And much, much more!

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The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
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The Online Prosperity Blueprint

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When you download this free eBook, you won’t just discover how to find more of your most valuable customers online…You’ll have the step-by-step framework to explode your service based business in the next 90 days!
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Does this sound like your
service Based business?

The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint

We are living in a different world. it's not the same as it used to be. There are some Old concepts you need to let go of quickly. If you are willing to do that, then...

What if your service business
could be different?

The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint

Your Best Thinking Five Years Ago Is Your Baggage Today...

Let’s face it—the business world today is nothing like it was five years ago. Marketing budgets are tighter, consumers are more skeptical, and social media has changed forever the way we talk to our customers.

The Online Prosperity Blueprint

 If you’ve been a Coach, Consultant or Service Based business for a while I know all this probably sounds unbelievable. Your bs******* detector may be going haywire. If so, that’s totally understandable. I used to feel that way too.

I probably wouldn’t have believed it either. Except that’s my life and my clients’ lives, for many years now. We’ve learnt to escape the consultancy trap of working for money.  

We’ve escaped running a boring typical Business the way everyone else does it. By using the principles in this eBook, you will escape it too.

Most people in this world aren’t really leaving. For them, they are leaving for the weekend. Others are waiting for retirement before they truly start living.

You don’t have to wait 30 years to have a cool life. You don’t have to do a bunch of stuff you don’t want to do so you can hopefully experience something cool later. 

This will reimagine and reinvent everything you've been told that you “have to do” 

In applying these principles, you will be able to live on your own terms. Your business will work for you instead of you being a prisoner in it. It will actually scale in both freedom and money together. This will allow you the framework to design yourself a really cool life filled with beautiful experiences.

That means doing what you want, when you want, with whoever you want, with purpose and passion, and only doing what you are gifted at and love doing. 

The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The Online Prosperity Blueprint

Are you ready for your best year ever?

Attract highly qualified leads who want what you’ve got in less than an hour a week, without having to write a single ad

You Deserve a successful business that's profitable and enjoyable

REAL TALK: there are other books that will teach you better Facebook ad skills, a better sales script for closing clients, or a better airtight contract. This ebook is the premier resource for having a Business that gives you a cool life in 90 days or less! 

If that’s for you, download your copy below 

Discover The Online Prosperity Blueprint
The 4- Step System To A Thriving, Profitable And Wildly Successful Service Business.

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