About Brightlight Group

Brightlight Group was formed out of the Christian Super Impact Investment team in 2016, growing quickly to incorporate leaders from a variety of organisations in the impact investment landscape and to service a broader base of clients.

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Today, working with governments, superannuation funds, private wealth managers, community trusts and foundations—as well as with other dedicated impact investors—Brightlight strives to create a future where all people can flourish, and the sustainability of life on earth is assured.

In servicing their clients’ and investors’ financial objectives Brightlight seeks to transform the lives of millions of people from being in deprivation—as defined by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)—to long term sustainability. They plan to work with our partners to measure this impact accurately, authentically and with regularity over the timeframe of the goals.

Solutions Provided

Livelong Digital helped Brightlight with the following digital marketing solutions:

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Digital Strategy 
  • Event Strategy
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Business Impact

In the first year managing Brightlight’s campaigns, Livelong Digital boosted Brightlight’s website traffic by 5 times. Besides, the following KPIs were also achieved:

  • Website session duration increased by 4 times (120 seconds).
  • ROI per customer acquisition through social strategy was 440%.
  • ROI per customer acquisition through digital strategy was 250%.
  • Five-year projected conversion rate was 1%.

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