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Cardinia Plumbing Solutions in Pakenham services commercial properties, residences, and businesses. They are an insured and licensed plumbing/heating company offering resolutions to residential and commercial needs in the Pakenham and the surrounding areas including the Gippsland region, Metro Melbourne, South Eastern Melbourne and Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. Simon started plumbing in 2007, fortunately when he started plumbing he was exposed to all aspects of plumbing early on in his career. Simon gained more experience in the domestic side of plumbing maintenance whilst still being able to use his commercial problem solving skills gained from previous employment.

Solutions Provided

Livelong Digital helped Cardinia Plumbing Solutions with the following SEO solutions:

  • Keyword Mapping
  • Organic SEO
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SERP Rankings

In the first six months managing Cardinia Plumbing’s campaigns, Livelong Digital achieved the following KPIs.

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