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About Marc-Andre Roubaud

After years of delivering results for Fortune 500 Companies in supply chain management and now his clients, Marc-Andre has discovered that asking the right questions can uncover time-saving processes, new ideas, and significant business growth. Marc-Andre’s life changed when he decided to have more flexibility and control on how and when he invested his time.

Marc-Andre’s mission is all about giving business owners tools, techniques and strategies to help them make the most of financial security, more time with family and friends. Marc-Andre helps small business owners who find themselves struggling, in trouble or just not growing as fast as they would like, and he helps them understand why that’s happening to them, but then he gives them a proven process that helps them to find immediate solutions to save time, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Solutions Provided

Livelong Digital helped Marc-Andre Roubaud with the following SEO solutions:

  • Keyword Mapping
  • Organic SEO
  • SERP Optimisation
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SERP Rankings

In the three months managing Marc-Andre’s campaigns, Livelong Digital achieved the following SERP rankings.

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Increase in Clicks and Impressions

We noticed a decent increase in the clicks and impressions, this is great because now the visibility of the website has started to increase in the Google search engine page– bringing positive results for Marc. 

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