NKA Caulking


Melbourne’s most trusted caulking provider with over 11 years of industry experience.

NKA Caulking prides itself on delivering a first-class service, whilst upholding a strong reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and competitively priced. Founded by Nathan Allan, NKA Caulking comprises of a small team of perfectionists that are experienced in both domestic and commercial projects, ensuring a seamless finish.

Servicing Melbourne and surrounds, NKA Caulking is built around strong client satisfaction and providing the highest quality of workmanship. Our experienced team will share expert knowledge, use correct application methods and professional products that will guarantee an impeccable finish to your project.

Solutions Provided

Livelong Digital helped NKA Caulking with the following SEO solutions:

NKA Caulking

Increase in Visibility of the Website:

We have noticed a decent increase in the number of clicks and impressions of your website in the last 28 days as compared to its previous period.


NKA Caulking

Increase in Traffic

We have noticed an increase in organic traffic from February till now as compared to its previous period.

  • Increase in users by 2.70%
  • Increase in new users by 12.12%

NKA CaulkingNKA Caulking

Improvements in Keyword Rankings:

We have seen improvements in the keyword rankings since we have started working on the campaign.

  • 4 keywords are ranking in the top 3 positions.
  • 6 keywords are ranking in the top 10 positions.

NKA CaulkingNKA Caulking

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