How One Law Firm Generated More Leads Despite the Hesitancy of Clients to Report Negligence by Other Lawyers

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Are you a lawyer struggling to generate leads?

If so, our latest case study shows how digital marketing can help you overcome the hesitancy of potential clients and increase your leads
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We created a digital marketing strategy that focused on educating their target audience about their legal rights and the importance of speaking out against negligence by other lawyers. We started by revamping their website, making it more user-friendly and informative. We also created a blog section where we regularly posted articles related to legal malpractice. This helped establish the law firm as an authority in their niche.

To address the hesitancy of potential clients in reporting negligence, we created a clear and concise message that emphasized the safety and confidentiality of their reporting process. We made sure to highlight that their identity would be protected and that they wouldn’t face any consequences for coming forward. We also created a free consultation offer where potential clients could speak to a lawyer for 30 minutes without being billed.

To reach a wider audience, we created PPC campaigns that targeted specific keywords related to legal malpractice. We also created social media campaigns that targeted their ideal audience.

By revamping their website, creating informative blog posts, offering free consultations, and targeting specific keywords and audiences through PPC and social media campaigns, we were able to educate potential clients, build trust, and generate more leads.

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we specialize in handling cases of negligence by other Digital Marketers

After three months of working with us, our client saw a significant improvement in their lead generation. They received their first lead from the work we had done for them. In the following months, they continued to receive leads, and their business grew.

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How We Drive Success with SEO for Lawyer Service

We don’t stick with cookie-cutter strategies; everything that goes in our auto SEO services is a product of technical expertise and the industry’s best practices.

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SEO Audit

We provide a detailed analysis of auto service websites to determine elements needing improvements. Our team sends SEO audits with recommendations from our experts.


On-page SEO

After auditing Lawyer service websites, we start optimising on-site elements to improve ranking performance. We follow the lawyer service industry’s best SEO practices for optimising on-page factors.

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Off-page SEO

We help increase organic rankings of lawyer service websites with our guaranteed DA link building strategy, local SEO for lawyers, Google My Business optimization, and citation building.

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Analytics Reporting

Our team relays milestones in an easy-to-understand SEO report. This includes website performance data from SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, and Ahrefs.

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Every industry is different. That’s why it’s important to get an SEO strategy tailored to your needs. As SE  experts, we modify our SEO services to ensure they fit your business, and the industry you’re in. This gives you the maximum possible results and the best bang for your buck! Here are some of the industries we work with to increase organic traffic:

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