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Simone is the Director / Office Manager of her family-owned travel agency. She ensures the smooth operation and overall efficiency of Travel Bound and Cruise, providing you with the best travel experience from start to finish.

Simone loves all things luxurious, and has the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the same. With a passion for the seas, she is an avid scuba diver, and also a cruise specialist. Her love of the African continent is evident in any conversation on the topic – watch out as the enthusiasm is contagious! Whether you wish to dive Pacific reefs, cruise the Alaskan coast, go on safari in Tanzania or explore Europe with the family, Simone is happy to help.

Travel Bound & Cruise is a proud member of the Travellers Choice group, a leading Australian travel company that represents independent travel agents and provides financial rewards based on support and shareholding.

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Europe Tour Packages from Australia

Europe is the most favoured and must-see tourist destination all across the world for anyone struck with wanderlust. The concentration of history, culture and beauty is overwhelming and irresistible for avid travel enthusiasts. However, it’s not easy to find a unique, authentic travel package that can let you have all the fun without blowing up your budget.

Travel Bound offers affordably priced, all-inclusive Europe tour packages from Australia for solo, family, small and large groups who want to explore this fascinating region. Find out more about our great selection of UK & Europe holidays. Travellers Choice has a holiday and travel package just for you.

Explore Top Destinations and Beyond!

Expansive, diverse and nothing short of incredibly beautiful, Europe is a paradise on earth overflowing with amazing natural spectacle, history and unforgettable experiences. Sightseeing, bay watching, beaches, skiing and added water expeditions, and much more await travellers rushing in from all over the world.

Explore more of this fascinating region’s world-famous landmarks and sights with an affordable tour package to Europe from Australia. See France’s Eiffel Tower in Paris, Italy’s Colosseum in Rome, Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Acropolis of Athens, Germany’s markets or relax on a Turkish beach on an all-inclusive Europe tour with Travel Bound.

With so many incredible ways to tour Europe, the tough part is having a final say on whether you’ll choose to sail aboard a scenic cruise or spend your time exploring the streets of some of the world’s top cities.

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