Targeted Display Advertising

Create ads that engage your target audiences and prospects. Couple top of funnel reach with bottom of funnel strategy through retargeting, contextual targeting, and site targeting.

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What Is Display Advertising?

Digital display ads are banner or rich media ads with text, images, flash, video, or audio, that appear in defined areas of a website or social media platform. More impactful display leverages video, high resolution images, and a variety of rich media to catch the attention of viewers, encourage them to click-through to a landing page and take action.

Display ads can be targeted in a variety of ways:

Get Noticed and Stay On Top of Mind

We create advertisements that appeal to your target audiences and prospects. We use retargeting, contextual targeting, and site targeting to combine top-of-funnel reach with bottom-of-funnel strategy.

Livelong Digital uses a variety of display ad formats to create image, text, video, and audio ads for a variety of audiences across various display platforms and channels.

Livelong Digital is a group of certified and experienced experts. We have an entire office full of Google Analytics Certified experts, Moz Oracles, designers, and UX experts who can help you attract, educate, and convert your prospects using targeted display ads and fully optimized landing pages. We see display as an important part of the overall digital journey, and we educate and report on how it fits into the conversion funnel.

Why Your Business Needs Targeted Display Ads

Build Brand Awareness

With strategic display tactics like site retargeting, audience retargeting, and geofencing, you can find new audiences, re-engage interested prospects, and stand out from the crowd.

Boost Search Marketing

By combining display advertising with our search engine marketing solution, you can improve the results of your overall advertising efforts.

Generate More Leads

To increase leads and sales, retarget website visitors and serve mobile ads with highly relevant offers to prospects in your community.

Display Advertising Services

Our display advertising experts use a variety of platforms to raise brand awareness, keep your products in front of searchers’ minds, and increase traffic and conversions to your website and landing pages. The following are some of the display advertising platforms we use:

Google Display Network

The most easily accessible display ads that can be managed through the Google Ads platform and integrated with Search campaigns.

Google Display Remarketing

Image or text ads that follow users based on defined criteria. This can also be run through the Google Ads platform.

Programmatic Providers

Programmatic ads are ads that are served algorithmically on sites using audience and targeting data layered on top of the serving platform

Our team will manage your display campaigns, continually maintaining, optimizing, and fine-tuning as opportunities present themselves. Our display advertising process includes:

Industry Experts In Targeted Display Advertising

Our expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms has positioned Livelong Digital as one of India’s leading providers of display ad management services. We specialize in the creation and management of high-performance, results-driven display advertising in the following areas.

We use cutting-edge techniques, tried-and-true methodologies, and comprehensive display marketing services to create performance-driven campaign management strategies.

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