Digital Marketing for Craft Store

If you’ve ever looked online to get a gift for a friend or family member, you already have some knowledge of craft enterprises and the handmade goods sector. Consumers have higher demand for handcrafted, artisanal goods, not just straight off a conveyor belt, and what started as a way for arts and crafts enthusiasts to make some extra cash on the side has swiftly become one of the hottest markets in retail.

But sadly not all craft stores are in high demand or on high street..

Every endeavour that has a finish line in life always begins with a plan. There is always a plan for everyone in the organisation to follow, whether it is for the colors you choose for your paintings, developing and improving your professional career, marketing a product, constructing a lego city, or even bigger fights like winning a war. Soldiers in a war obey commands provided to them.

Likewise craft store needs a solid digital marketing plan to meet its goal. Many small craft stores struggle to find a balance between growing their craft business and finding time to manage their digital marketing efforts.

Nowadays, using a digital marketing plan to promote your craft goods or store has shown to be one of the most successful methods.

There isn’t, however, a single, unifying strategy for digital marketing. There are plans, yes, but every path is unique to each organisation. Every business must create its own roadmap in order to operate effectively.

Digital Marketing For Craft Store

Build a robust website for your Craft Store

A good website created to expand your business is just as fundamental to success as brand identity. A basic brochure website won’t do in this day and age. A website with interactive elements created to engage your audience and increase sales is an essential component of a successful craft store marketing campaign. Conversions should be taken into consideration when creating your website.

Think of your website as the window to your store. Because this is where you display your products and offer potential customers a feel of what your brand stands for, make it appealing and well-organised. First, take care of the essentials: make sure your links are updated and that your contact information is stated clearly.

Make your website an online store. Make the shopping and payment experience as smooth as possible.If your customers are not comfortable, they are not going to buy.

If you want your customers to buy online, they need to be able to access your website on the go. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Advertising your craft store in your neighbourhood without using Google My Business would be like streaming in the dessert. All you hear is your own echo. To increase brand awareness, create a GMB profile for your craft business and start providing updates. Give Google My Business your contact details, address, and images to improve your ranking.

Request that happy customers leave reviews on well-known review websites like Yelp and Google Maps to share their experiences. Negative customer reviews shouldn’t be ignored or eliminated because doing so can reduce your company’s future sales. Always make an effort to solve your customers’ problems. Keep a positive outlook and approach every problem with empathy. Invest in a successful website design.

Search Engine Optimisation for Craft store

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of optimising a website or web page so that it is more visible to search engines and, thus, more likely to be ranked when someone searches for a particular term or phrase.

Recall the last time you looked a supplier or materials up online. Most likely, you searched using a keyword to find what you were looking for. Incorporating the findings of keyword research into your product names and descriptions will help consumers locate your handcrafted goods because it makes sense that this will also be the case for those who are seeking them. Your website and its content will be certain to show up in the organic area of a search engine results page if you create contents that is relevant, has the right keywords and helps your customers start their buying process with you.

Using keywords is the simplest way to optimise your website. You must concentrate on particular keywords, like handmade crafts. These terms must be distinct and relevant to your products. If you type “best craft store” into a search engine, for example, a list of best craft stores will appear, and you can be on the top of the search results if you leverage your SEO efforts properly.

Try to find out how your customers describe what you make. Chances are, those are the keywords they use to search for your crafts online.

A well-optimised website is a good way to gain more traffic. The best way to optimise your website is to use SEO best practices.

You can improve your SEO by creating content that is focused around the uses of your products to give your potential clients ideas on how to use your crafts.

This will help you increase the traffic that you receive from search engines. 

In addition, link building is important for SEO. If you want to score highly for a particular term, you need to have a lot of links pointing at your website. This tells Google that your website is reliable and competent, which will raise its position in the search results.

The easiest way to get links to your craftstores is to seek out marketplaces that you can join and create a store on. This not only creates more visibility to people that go to that marketplace, but a source of credible links back to your site.

Bear in mind, it is something that takes time to manifest. The effects of SEO take time to become evident. But the wait will definitely be worthwhile.

Our SEO experts can take care of all of this for you if you’re too busy operating your business to handle it yourself but still want to see benefits from SEO.

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Digital Marketing for Craft Store

Social Media Marketing for your Craft store

A crucial component of digital marketing is social media. For this reason, it is used by all businesses, large and small to advertise their goods.

Many craft stores, however, are passing on a great chance to use this effective marketing technique.

For craft stores, social media marketing is essential. Along with engaging with and getting to know your customers, you can showcase and advertise your products on different platforms. Additionally, you can integrate your store with social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, allowing your audience to buy something right away after perusing your inventory.

The secret to success in digital marketing is, above all else, consistency in posting. By consistently posting new material, you may engage with your followers and find new leads through hashtags, geotagging, and other methods.

Boost your sales with TikTok Trends

TikTok is all about what’s in trend. However, maintaining relevancy on TikTok also comes down to consistency and following different trends. And no, it’s not just about some insane hot new dance.
New “audios” are constantly emerging throughout the artistic community. These audios frequently exhort users to share their work, experiment with crafts and arts, create bizarre handcrafted products, or incorporate highly popular songs into their movies.

By doing this, you also increase the likelihood that new TikTok users will notice your video because it will be included in the stream of videos that have also utilised the same audio.

Make DIY videos for crafts and useful how-to content.

For maker businesses, content marketing can be one of the most successful strategies for expanding your company. It also doesn’t require a significant initial investment; all you need is a little creativity and knowledge.

The best videos are of those time-lapses, showcasing the work that goes into creating the crafts. This gives people a frame of reference that what they now have in their hands was a labour of love.

Festivals of art, crafts, and music

The creative community comes together at art, craft, and music festivals to create, share, and appreciate art in all of its forms. These festivals are attended by a lot of individuals who want to buy something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.

These are the ideal live events since they will bring lots of people to your booth, who will probably enjoy your work and be willing to buy it. Similar to local events, these occasions put you in direct contact with customers, providing you the chance to provide an excellent experience.

Leverage influencers to grow your craft store

Influencer marketing is a new concept that involves using an influencer to promote your products. There are a lot of ways you can leverage this concept to grow your craft store. One option is to have a guest blogger write about your products on her blog. In return, you will have to give her a free product sample to review.

Another option is to ask an influencer to feature your products on his social media account. He will then use those posts to drive traffic to your products. You can also offer your products as prizes in his giveaways. This will help you increase sales by providing a new audience for your products.

 Giveaways and Contests

With giveaways, we’ve always had amazing success. Contests generate interest in your goods because participants enjoy the prospect of winning prizes. Simply make sure you read the rules for the platform you are on and try not to break any of them if you are running a contest or giveaway on social media.

Create Original Collateral

Your business cards should be so appealing or entertaining that your potential customers become bound to keep them.  You could get your business cards and other marketing materials from one of those kiosks at the mall, but putting some creativity into your cards and informational pamphlets will help your company become more recognisable.

Email Marketing for your Craft Store

Getting the proper people to see your craft store will help you get more reservations.

Email marketing acts as a supplement to web searches by cultivating a more loyal audience base. Craft stores can use email campaigns to promote their products to repeat customers more frequently, just like big players do.

To get you started, consider the following advice for creating an email marketing strategy:

Encourage newsletter sign-ups anywhere you contact customers. Once you have subscribers, you may expand your efforts by asking them to forward emails to others.

Use an email marketing platform to track email performance, collect subscriber data, and automate discussions.

Test different email parameters to boost audience engagement such as the time frame or the subject lines. 

A customer might not be ready to buy when they first walk into your store. Obtaining their email address and setting up an automatic email series that gradually feeds them new content can allow you to learn more about their purchase behaviour, such as how many emails it takes for them to become a customer.

Once you have potential consumers’ email addresses, you may begin sending them emails. By adding both your physical address and your website’s contact details in the email, you can make it simple for recipients to get in touch with you.

How Can Livelong Digital Support Your Craft Store's Growth?

We have a group of professionals who can assist you in finding more potential customers. We will successfully build a website that reaches more potential customers together.

Working with our SEO professionals will increase the number of potential customers who visit your website. Additionally, we are prepared to help you increase the number of potential customers who visit your website.

Your success will depend on how effectively you understand digital marketing, regardless of whether you want to draw in new clients or encourage existing ones to return. Many craft stores have found success with our recommendations since they are expanding.

Livelong Digital is the best at what they do.

Our business has a successful history in social media marketing, search engine optimisation, website design, email marketing and more.

We are experts in web and UI/UX design for cottages’ digital marketing, and one of our services will definitely help you come up with a strategy that will enable you to accomplish your objectives.

Let’s Work Together

You should never underestimate the influence of a quality handcrafted product if you own a craft store. People will always be more inclined to purchase from you if they believe your product is unique.

This indicates that you should constantly work to raise the calibre of your goods, you also have to keep up with the latest trends. Additionally, you should confirm that you’re giving your clients the finest experience possible. Since you care about them, and they feel like they are getting a wonderful deal, customers are more likely to buy from you.

In order to differentiate your brand in the crowded market and boost sales for your craft business, you have to constantly evolve. To learn more about digital marketing and how it may help your business, get in touch with us. 

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