Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Planner

Let’s party!! So, You’ve invested a substantial amount of money and all of your effort into starting your own event-planning company, Congratulations!

Is this sufficient?


Your success as an event planner is largely dependent on your capacity to attract new clients, arrange excellent events, and keep existing clients coming back. The truth is that you need effective digital marketing to differentiate yourself from other event planners and draw in new customers, despite the fact that you might think your events speak for themselves (and perhaps they do!). 

Marketing your event can be challenging for event planners who operate in a world that is getting busier and more digital. Flyers on billboards and depending on word-of-mouth advertising to reach a large audience are no longer effective methods. The best approach to spreading the word about your event today is through digital marketing. The problem is understanding how to use digital marketing strategies for event planners and stand out from the competition. There are many tools and platforms devoted to turning your event from a vision into a reality.

This article about event planner digital marketing fills that need.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Planner

Focus on your website

A terrific website is the brains behind a successful digital marketing strategy. What distinguishes a successful website? It occurs when a guest has a natural sense of where everything is. Think about (What’s In It For Me) when planning your site content. Don’t withhold any relevant details, including the cost and the dates. Since this is the first thing people see before choosing to register for your event or use your services, you want to make sure that what they see satisfies their particular needs and interests.

Want to put your business in a leading position?

Activate a chatbot on your website to provide real-time, automated assistance to any potential attendees.

A good website needs to be easy to navigate and look great. You must have good content that keeps people engaged. In addition to content, a website needs to include graphics and videos.

Note a few important details about the website.

  • Do the pictures on the website show the kinds of events that are scheduled? Are they of a good standard, aesthetically pleasing, and compressed for speedy loading?
  • By allowing people to show and tell, is the website increasing its credibility? Does it include praise, reviews, photos, and videos of attendees?
  • Do the pages load quickly and display all text clearly, even for people with poor vision or when the images are off?
  • Do the copy on the homepage, the list of services, and the about page reflect the planner’s voice?
  • Is the navigation intuitive and clear?
  • Are there any social media links on the website?

Strengthen your landing pages

It’s crucial to optimise your website as well as your content; optimisation is not just for content. Your landing pages must be straightforward and easy to use. For instance, you need to make sure that your landing page directs consumers to the desired outcome if you want to ensure that as many people register for your event as possible. The benefits of attending your meeting, client testimonials, your unique selling proposition, a video or slideshow of photographs of your outstanding events, and a strong call to action all come together at this point.

Include a calendar


This helps visitors to book meetings with your company and allows them to get updates on your upcoming events. Make sure to include all the information on the calender.

The calendar should tell your viewers about the services and products that you offer. A calendar that includes dates, times, and events is important because it will allow your business to reach out to a wider audience. 

A calendar can also help you to avoid losing clients. It can help you to plan your schedule and know what to expect in the next couple of months. A calendar is useful because it can help you to organize your life. It can help you to know what to expect in the near future.

It will help you to keep in touch with clients. You can also make sure that you have enough time to meet with your clients in a reasonable amount of time.

Search Engine Optimisation for Event Planners

A strong digital marketing strategy will involve SEO and making sure that your content is both user and search-engine-friendly. Nobody else will find your message if Google can’t find it, so you have to invest in SEO.

Start off with keyword research. 

You should concentrate on long-tail keywords when conducting keyword research. These are search-intent-specific keywords, which are those with three words or more. “Event planners in Melbourne” is an illustration of a long-tail keyword.

It can be challenging to ascertain the precise query that someone is looking for when they use a more general search word like “event planner.” Are they searching for an event planner to hire? Or seeking a career in event planning?

However, it’s obvious that someone wants to hire an event planner in the Melbourne region if they search for “top event planners in Melbourne.”

Long-tail keywords will help you draw in more targeted traffic.

Besides selecting keywords, there are other techniques to optimise your website for improved search engine performance.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimisation entails modifying your internet presence to increase the exposure of your brand in your neighbourhood. 

Include your location in the page titles, including the city and state. Users who are looking for nearby event planners will be directed to your pages by search engines.

Utilise technologies that let search engines display information about your business, such as your address, open days and hours, accepted payment methods, and more. A stronger presence on search engine results pages may increase your leads and conversions.

Reducing website load time. 

Users don’t want to wait for your page to load when they visit your website. Make sure your page loads quickly if you want to attract more leads to your website and improve your SEO position. 

Link Building

Backlinks are essential for increasing the authority and trust of your website. These are backlinks to your page coming from reputable websites. The quickest technique for your event planning company to acquire worthwhile backlinks is through content development.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Planner

Social Media Marketing for event planners

You want to demonstrate to others how well you serve your present clientele as an event planner. Social media is a fantastic platform for showcasing your work.

There are several social media channels you may utilise to promote your company. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are among them.

Which platforms you choose will depend on who your target audience is. To reach them, you should use the platforms they use the most.

Once you are familiar with your social media channels, you may begin publishing content. You can publish images, videos, polls, and connections to other content on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to images and moving pictures.

You have the chance to share images and videos of your work here. To help your audience develop trust in you, you can display past events you organised for clients. Additionally, by creating engaging polls and answering queries, you can increase interaction.

Post before and after pictures

Instagram lets you upload many photographs in a single post, which is ideal for taking pictures before and after planned events. To demonstrate the types of designs you can make a reality, you can publish pictures of a ballroom before and after your decorators finished working on it.

Client reactions

A fun post idea is to take a picture when you show your client a venue or an event. These images convey a lot since they demonstrate actual client delight. They serve as real-life references for your efforts!

Pictures of your unsung heroes

To ensure that clients know exactly who they’re dealing with, it’s a wonderful idea to share either individual photos of team members or a group shot. Additionally, it’s a wonderful chance to introduce your team’s members to your audience.

Email marketing for event planners

In many businesses, email is still an extremely effective marketing channel. Email may be used to contact your audience anywhere and at any time because the majority of people are always connected to the internet owing to mobile devices.

During the festive season, use email campaigns to generate excitement. Distribute any deals, competitions, or fresh information that would entice people to sign up.

Every stage of a promotion can involve email marketing. You can provide video snippets, discounts, promo codes, and any new information before, or during the festive season .

Most marketers concur that one of the finest methods for promoting event planners is email marketing.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Planner

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