Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Ticket Sellers

The world is open! Now is your time to shine as an event ticket seller. Increasing event ticket sales, as well as organizing and marketing an event, are not for everyone. Even if you book the best venue, plan the most flavorful and delicious catering, and schedule the best speaker, the event will fail if no one shows up on the event date.

It’s disappointing when ticket sales flop after you’ve poured your heart and soul into an event. But this is a scenario that many event planners face at some point in their careers, and it often has nothing to do with the event itself, but rather with the fact that it isn’t reaching the right people at the right time.

However, it is important not to be discouraged by low ticket sales. In fact, statistics show that any kind of sales work requires a fairly thick skin, which requires a determination that is not found in other areas of event planning. All of this is to say that while sales can be difficult to crack, there are plenty of things you can do to drastically improve your chances of seeing those tickets fly off the shelves.

Nonetheless, if you play your cards right when it comes to selling tickets, you can still have a sold-out event. A few simple digital marketing strategies will ensure that you don’t have an empty venue on event day.

Let’s get those bums on seats!

Digital Marketing Strategies For Event Ticket Sellers

Create Your Website

Selling tickets through your own website is one of the most profitable ways to sell tickets online. You won’t have to share profits with any other third-party ticket sellers this way. Having your own website is beneficial for selling because you can include whatever information you want in whatever format you want!

You can include information about your venue, event, ticketing, and purchasing.

There are numerous online ticketing platforms available today that you can integrate with your website to streamline ticket selling and purchasing.

For example, you can put a listing on Facebook that people can access through a link to your website. This will enable people to purchase tickets from your website when they want to buy them. It is very easy to sell tickets on your own website. You can create a form on your website that people can fill out to purchase tickets. When they click on the form, they are directed to a page that has more information about the event and how to get tickets.

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting people interested in your event. You can include the event description, venue address, ticket type, and ticket prices on your website. This will be the easiest way for people to learn about your event.

Make sure that you make a strong website for your ticketing business. You need to include as much information as possible. This will make it easier for potential buyers to find out all the details about the event you are going to hold. They need to know whether there are any fees involved, what the ticketing system is like, and what type of tickets are being sold. To boost sales include a few photos of the venue or event on your site. You can add an entire sections dedicated to your venues and events.

Search Engine Optimisation for Event Ticket Seller

Event organizers understand that ticket sales websites work extremely well for increasing registrations and building brand recognition. By far the most effective way to drive traffic to your site is to optimise the SEO of your event website. A solid digital marketing strategy will include SEO and the creation of content that is both user and search-engine friendly. If Google cannot find your message, no one else will, so you must invest in SEO.

Begin with keyword research.

When conducting keyword research, you should focus on long-tail keywords. These are search-intent-specific keywords, which have three or more words.

Long-tail keywords will help you draw in more targeted traffic.

After conducting research on your target audience and the long-tail keywords that are most relevant to them, incorporate those keywords, as well as any interesting related content, into your event website.

Besides selecting keywords, there are other techniques to optimise your website for improved search engine performance.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimisation entails modifying your internet presence in order to increase your brand’s exposure in your neighbourhood.

Include your location, including city and state, in the page titles. Search engines will direct users looking for nearby event ticket sellers to your pages.

Use technologies that enable search engines to display information about your business, such as your address, open days and hours, payment methods accepted, and more. A greater presence on search engine results pages may result in more leads and conversions.

Link Building

Backlinks are essential for increasing the authority and trust of your website. These are backlinks to your page coming from reputable websites. The quickest technique for your event ticket-selling company to acquire worthwhile backlinks is through content development.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Ticket Sellers

Social Media Marketing for Event Ticket Sellers

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives.

The majority of people use social media on a daily basis, and you can use it to promote your events. It will increase the visibility of your event and help you sell tickets quickly.

Promoting events on social media will generate interest and make people want to learn more about the event and purchase tickets. Interest is essential in selling tickets, and social media can help you generate it.

Make videos that get people talking.

While using event videos to boost online ticket sales, concentrate on three videos: two before the event and one after. You should create short teaser videos that provide glimpses of your event, and experiment with deadlines to make your event more attractive.

Focus on creating a ticket launch video before the start of your event to promote registrations, build buzz, and create interest among your customers. After a few days, send a reminder video that addresses frequently asked questions by attendees in the run-up to the event.

This can help to increase registrations and ticket sales.

After your event, make a fantastic video that captures the memorable moments and serves as a strong marketing portfolio for your next event.

Create a sense of urgency by mentioning ticket scarcity.

To accomplish this, you can create short teaser videos that provide glimpses of your event and experiment with deadline variations to make your event more appealing. Even the most ardent procrastinators may be persuaded to buy a ticket rather than wait until the last day.

Customers may be persuaded to purchase tickets if there are few available, especially if you sell VIP ticket packages or incorporate add-on experiences. Providing limited early bird tickets for events, as well as first-row seating at live shows, are two examples.

Encourage performers to participate in your promotional efforts.

Promote your events by your key performers.Make the most of every audience within your reach by encouraging your key performers to promote your event to their own followers. 

You can certainly push this strategy even further by providing your performers with specific instructions to share across their social media platforms.

Provide Promotions

Everyone enjoys deals and discounts!

Discounts such as early bird specials, promotional codes, and multiple-ticket offers can encourage people to buy.

Promotions are an efficient way to attract new customers and reward existing ones.

Begin a Contest

If your employees participate, ticket sales will increase tenfold. Allow them to use their own social media channels to publicise the event. Make it a contest to make their efforts worthwhile. Provide an incentive to those whose referrals result in X number of sales. Depending on your budget, the incentive could be as simple as a gift card or as extravagant as a paid vacation.

Similarly, you can promote a group effort and offer an incentive to the entire group if everyone’s collective efforts result in the sale of X tickets. The incentive could be a catered office party or a bonus.


Tempt your customers by providing a variety of tickets and benefits that are included in the admission price. There is no limit to the number of ticket types you can create.

Discounted tickets are always a good seller, but increase the value with extras like food and drink with admission, early-bird and last-minute deals. These extras are not only a great way to build long-term patron relationships, but they also encourage attendees to document their time at your event and stay in the loop.

Email marketing for event ticket sellers

In many businesses, email is still an extremely effective marketing channel. Email may be used to contact your audience anywhere and at any time because the majority of people are always connected to the internet owing to mobile devices.

Before the event, use email campaigns to generate excitement. Distribute any deals, competitions, or fresh information that would entice people to sign up.

Every stage of promotion can involve email marketing. You can provide video snippets, discounts, promo codes, and any new information before, or after the event.

Most marketers concur that one of the finest methods for promoting event ticket selling is email marketing.

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A successful digital marketing plan for your event ticket selling business is essential. You’ll have the best chance of increasing leads and clients for your event ticket-selling business if you have a well-thought-out, well-planned approach.

A website can’t merely be made and expected to perform all the work for you. The plan must be created to aid in the accomplishment of your goals and objectives. Building a brand that people adore and that inspires them to tell their friends about their experiences should be the goal.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Event Ticket Sellers

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