Digital Marketing Strategy for Cottage Rental

Your cottages are ready and are now all set to host visitors. Your next goal is to fill that empty reservation calendar (and keep it that way).

“Customers will come if you list your cottage”.

As much as a cottage rental company would like it to be the case, simply listing your cottage and waiting for inquiries is not enough today. To assist potential visitors in discovering—and reserving—your cottage, you will also need to gear your marketing efforts.

Operating a cottage rental company without using digital marketing is similar to hosting a party without inviting anyone. It is not a wise move.

The success of your business is directly related to your marketing efforts. One does not exist without the other. It keeps your cottage rental visible to your target market and helps you develop your cottage rental brand.

It can be challenging to separate good ideas from terrible ones amidst all the marketing noise that is there online. We’ve compiled a list of our best suggestions for how to use digital marketing for your cottage rental business.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Cottage Rental

Build Your Own Website

It should be no surprise that the foundation of your cottage rental digital marketing strategy should be having your own website. It’s the ideal place for potential guests to learn everything they need to know about your cottage rental before making a reservation, making it your most effective marketing tool.

Make use of it to your benefit!

Make your website your virtual cottage rental office. It is the first impression that prospective clients have of your business.

Websites are a cost-effective and convenient way of showcasing your cottage rental and attracting visitors.

Ensure that the website is functional and equipped with all the features that a contemporary cottage rental website requires.

That includes qualities like;

  1. responsive design for mobile
  2. a smooth booking engine with an intuitive structure for taking bookings and payments online.

Your goal for listing site independence will be aided by having a cottage rental website. It will also increase word-of-mouth recommendations and keep your reservations under your control.

Now the question might arise what is the most fundamental thing you need to do?


You’ll need to develop a bookable website for your cottage rental if you don’t already have one (or if the one you do have is extremely outdated).

Visitors can learn more about you, the kinds of properties you have to offer, and contact information.

Most cottages have a few stories around them. You may not be able to tell these stories on third-party sites that just relegate you on price alone.

You may offer valuable content to a blog that will aid in SEO and brand development. A website can assist in demonstrating to others that you are the real deal and not merely someone who is offering an extra cottage as a side job.

Let your excellent reviews do the talking

Nothing improves a cottage rental more than wonderful 5-star ratings from previous visitors. It demonstrates that you also provide an outstanding visitor experience and that your cottage rental isn’t simply for show.

By keeping your cottage rental pristine, enhancing your guest stay at your cottage and making sure the check-in and check-out process is flawless, you can ensure that there is no justification for a bad review. Once you have mastered the guest experience, it will be simple to write reviews for your clients and request reviews in return to make your testimonial section shine.

Reap the advantage of Google My Business.

You may easily create a free business profile using Google My Business. As a result, returning customers and interested tourists who directly search for your business will find you more quickly.

With a significant increase in new websites every minute, search engines like Google are huge! Therefore, you should take advantage of each opportunity to distinguish your company and website from the competition.

Try to make direct bookings.

The ability to accept reservations directly is one of the most crucial reasons you’ll want to engage in your digital marketing efforts for your own cottage rental website.

For you and your guests, this means there won’t be any additional expenses!

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Cottage Rental

Search Engine Optimisation for Cottage Rental

Even if you have quality content, fantastic cottages, and paid services available on your website, no one will utilise them if they can’t be found online. To make your website and content more accessible on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you need to use a variety of techniques and strategies called search engine optimisation (SEO). The primary objective of SEO is often to naturally place your website on the first page of search engine results. The more visitors (and potential customers) will visit your website, the higher you rank in these results. You don’t have to pay anything when users click on your website from these organic results because search engines are a free service.

When potential guests look up terms relating to your cottage rental, such as “Cottage Rental for couples” or “Cottage rental in Melbourne”, you can implement particular SEO strategies to improve your organic position.

Creating contents that is engaging and contains with highly relevant keywords will make your website and its content  guaranteed to appear in the organic section of a search engine results page.

The simplest method to optimise your website is to use keywords. You must focus on specific keywords, such as a cottage rental. These keywords need to relate to your services, while also being unique. For instance, a list of cottages appropriate for families will show if you type “best cottages for families” into a search engine.

In addition, link building is important for SEO. If you want to score highly for a particular term, you need to have a lot of links pointing at your website.

Social Media Marketing for Cottage Rental

Whether you like it or not, social media has to be a key element of your marketing strategy if you run a cottage rental. When it is used effectively and regularly, it can assist you in developing a captive audience, earning their trust and credibility and converting those worthwhile connections into profitable bookings.

Social media can be a helpful tool, but it can also be daunting and unpleasant at times. Making social media work for you as a cottage rental owner is a whole other ball game, especially if you’ve simply utilised it for personal reasons in the past.

Social media marketing is more than just creating a profile and posting a few tweets here and there. It is a multi-channel approach where you have to think about each platform as an individual channel.

How should a social media strategy for holiday rentals be structured? Even if you are familiar with social media, you can still be unsure of how to use it for marketing purposes.

Well, not to worry.

A few strategies are provided below to maximise your social media results:

Improve The Traveller Experience.

Travellers with taste who book luxury villas or vacation rentals, expect a high-end experience. A five-star level must be met for both the interior and external spaces. What does a 5-star standard mean? First visitors expect something fairly fresh. Don’t try to promote an outdated or  something that hasn’t been renovated or an older house and expect the guests to be satisfied. Luxury travellers will pay attention to the little details. Things of that kind, such as scuffs on the walls or worn-out furniture, won’t fly.

Put simply, imagine you will be renting this house. Will you pay for a cottage that is worn out from no maintenance, not just “character”?

Take Professional Pictures And Drone Videos

Once everything else is in line, your top priority should be to choose a photographer. You require not just high-quality pictures but also movies. More so than typical images alone, an interior walk-through will aid in giving customers a realistic sense of the place. People have grown accustomed to not trusting pictures on their own, so you’ll need to provide some sort of walkthrough that will show how the area seems in addition to those beautifully Photoshopped shots taken from the best viewpoints.

Add some drone videos to the mix, if you can. Hire a drone operator to take pictures of the home’s exterior and its surroundings, raising them up to give a greater sense of the location and everything.

Hashtags for cottage rentals

Remember that hashtags are significant on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some examples of trending hashtags you can use for the cottage rental sector; keep in mind to also include additional hashtags that are relevant to your particular post.

#cottagerentals #travels #familyvacation #couplesgateaway

Extra services available in your cottage

Customers are always interested in learning about extra amenities and experiences that will make their trip more enjoyable.

Post about the people you know who could make their trip even more joyful and peaceful. This is a fantastic method to get in touch with nearby companies and support them in gaining new clients.

Here are a few instances:

  • Would you like to spend the evening alone?

Mention babysitter businesses or suggestions

  • Need transportation back from?

Introduce local taxi companies and drivers.

Looking for a nighttime personal chef?

Write a post describing a neighborhood chef who will prepare dinner in the comfort of their lovely cottage rental house.

Email marketing for cottage rental

Putting your cottage in front of the right individuals, will help you acquire more bookings. 

By building a more devoted audience base, email marketing serves as an additional resource for online searches. Cottage rental owners can utilise email campaigns in the same way, listing sites and management businesses do to put their properties in front of repeat visitors more regularly.

Here are some pointers for developing an email marketing strategy to get you started:

Wherever you interact with clients, encourage newsletter sign-ups. Asking subscribers to forward emails to friends can allow you to increase your efforts after you have subscribers.

Utilise an email marketing platform to automate conversations, collect subscriber data and preferences, and track email performance.

To increase audience engagement, test various email parameters (such as the timing of your sends and the content of your subject lines).

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Working with our SEO professionals will increase the number of potential customers who visit your website. Additionally, we are prepared to help you increase the number of potential customers who visit your website.

Your success will depend on how effectively you understand digital marketing, regardless of whether you want to draw in new clients or encourage existing ones to return. Many cottage rentals have found success with our recommendations since they are expanding.

Livelong Digital is the best at what they do.

Our business has a successful history in social media marketing, search engine optimisation, website design, email marketing and more.

We are experts in web and UI/UX design for cottages’ digital marketing, and one of our services will definitely help you come up with a strategy that will enable you to accomplish your objectives.

Let’s Work Together

Providing value to your customers is the most effective approach to connecting with them. This is why it’s critical to discover a way to connect with your target audience and offer them something beneficial.

Consistency and perseverance are the keys to success. Your marketing efforts should never be abandoned. Continue to work on it until you notice results.

Finding the appropriate blend of digital marketing tools that will work best for your company isn’t always easy. That is why we have put together this guide.

It gives you the knowledge you need to begin establishing your own online presence and employing the tools you’ll need to succeed.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Cottage Rental

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