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The number of chiropractors is estimated to hit 80,000, providing the rise in the number of patient visits to chiropractic clinics. As the demand grows for chiropractic treatments, chiropractors need to ensure maximum online visibility because:

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of users search online for information on doctors and other health professionals, including chiropractors

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It only takes one to six reviews for potential patients to form an opinion about a practice

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Websites on the top three positions of search results get 50% of all clicks on Google

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Search engines provide 300% more traffic than social media

All these boil down to having an effective SEO for chiropractors.

Our SEO Leverage for Ranking Chiropactor Websites

We combine our technological capabilities and digital marketing expertise to provide chiropractors with SEO strategies that deliver results – more visibility, more leads, and more clients to their practice.

SEO Methodology That Focuses on Performance Marketing

With over eight years of practicing digital marketing and handling 1,000+ campaigns for all types of industries, we’ve developed an SEO methodology that focuses on the most impactful results.

Strategies Tailored to the Goals of Chiropractor Websites

We don’t launch cookie-cutter SEO campaigns. Each SEO strategy we execute is built on the goals and needs of chiropractor websites to provide maximum online performance.

How We Rank Chiropractor Websites

We’ve combined the essential SEO practices into workflows that will influence the ranking of chiropractor websites. Each workflow includes hours of dedicated work from our seasoned SEO specialists:

SEO Website Analysis

Get a comprehensive website analysis to determine opportunities and areas that need improving. We include all recommendations into a neat SEO audit.


Our SEO experts can do an extensive backlink analysis to identify toxic backlinks and maintain a clean link profile for the website to rank better in Search Engine Page Results (SERPs).

On-page Optimisation

Optimise all on-site elements to boost the website’s relevance and drive more traffic with the right keywords. We take care of all the technical SEO needs of the website.

Off-page Optimisation

Get guaranteed high Domain Authority (DA) links from trusted industry blogs. We’ve developed an outreach strategy that delivers quality links for chiropractor websites.

Transparency on SEO Campaigns for Chiropractors

Complete transparency is the core of our SEO service. We don’t simply send reports – we show the progress of the campaign from start to delivery with industry standard SEO tools. Built with Google Analytics and Search Console tracking, our SEO software provides small businesses a front row view of their campaign progress and gives clarity on how their SEO is improving.

How Do We Do It?

Understanding Your Business

We do a deep dive and thoroughly examine your business; what you believe you need, what your customers need and understand your short and long-term business goals.

Developing a Content Strategy

Our team of content strategists put their heads together to devise a strategy that drives traffic and leads, nurtures your leads into clients, to achieve your business objectives.

Writing Your Awesome Content

Our expert writers writes the copy or content, in a way that sounds authentic and just like you and your brand voice – all while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Measuring Your

We keenly keep track of all the analytics to ensure to seek out opportunities for your continued growth – and also take advantage of any industry changes or developments.

What Industries need SEO the most?

Every industry and business are similar and different in many ways. Hence, the similarities and differences of methods and approaches when doing SEO for businesses. As industrial SEO experts, we’d say that industries have 80% similar practices in search engine optimization and about 20% differences.

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The purpose of optimising your site is to make it more appealing to search engines like Google, and to help it rank high on search results. Most online users don’t go past the first page of Google search. Livelong Digital’s SEO services aim to take your website and brand to the top. Most businesses, including your competitors, are using SEO to stay relevant and visible online; make sure you will not fall behind.

Even the most successful businesses use SEO to maintain their customer base, search engine rankings and market share. SEO is not just for start-ups and small to medium businesses. If you think you are safe in your current first page ranking, think again. It can only take a few days, weeks or months to lose a position in the SERP.

Every business has different needs and we always strive to meet those. We never make promises regarding the amount of time needed for an SEO campaign to provide results. We will present you the facts – information about your website’s current performance (gathered through a comprehensive SEO analysis), and set realistic goals.

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