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Our SEO migration service helps you easily move to your new website, without compromising your Google rankings or losing your traffic 

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Are You Redesigning Your Website? Then You Need Our SEO Migration Services…

From time to time, all websites need a redesign – whether it’s because of a brand refresh, the need to improve user experience, a different service offering, or a shift in your positioning against your competitors. But you don’t want to lose your hard-fought rank on Google and waste years of productive work when you do it. That’s where we come in.

Our expert team can handle your SEO migration, from start to finish. This ensures your new website keeps all the achievements you’ve earned over the years – so you can continue to grow your business as planned.

Without SEO Migration Your Years Of Hard Work Could Be Lost Forever!

It takes years to build your domain authority, obtain backlinks, and rank for keywords on Google. So when the time comes to build your new website, you want to make sure those hard-earned achievements come along for the ride. Otherwise, you risk the pain of having to start all over again – with no guarantee you’ll get back to where you were before.

Our expert web developers and SEO team will ensure you keep every single one of your achievements – no matter how big the changes you want to make to your website.

Move Your Website Without Compromising Your Hard-Fought Position On Google

Redesigning your website often means a drop in rankings and traffic – but it doesn’t have to. Our SEO migration services use a range of tactics to bring your ranking across to your new site.

Updating internal links, removing duplicate content, using proper redirects, creating a custom 404 page, submitting new sitemaps and more… we’ll go above and beyond to minimise the impact your website redesign has on your organic traffic. You can enjoy the benefits of your new website, without having to worry about a drop in new customers.

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How Do We Do It?

Analytics Benchmarking

Benchmarking your website for current performance.

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URL Redirect Mapping

Crawling your current website for URL inventory and mapping with the new one.


Updating Internal Links

Updating all of your internal links, menus, contents and sitemaps.

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Tag Updates

Updating your tags, meta data and keywords to retain their current SERP ranking.


Search Console Configuration

Developing project timelines and maintaining progress through PM tools.

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Project Roadmap

Developing project timelines and maintaining progress through PM tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of optimising your site is to make it more appealing to search engines like Google, and to help it rank high on search results. Most online users don’t go past the first page of Google search. Livelong Digital’s SEO services aim to take your website and brand to the top. Most businesses, including your competitors, are using SEO to stay relevant and visible online; make sure you will not fall behind.

Even the most successful businesses use SEO to maintain their customer base, search engine rankings and market share. SEO is not just for start-ups and small to medium businesses. If you think you are safe in your current first page ranking, think again. It can only take a few days, weeks or months to lose a position in the SERP.

Every business has different needs and we always strive to meet those. We never make promises regarding the amount of time needed for an SEO campaign to provide results. We will present you the facts – information about your website’s current performance (gathered through a comprehensive SEO analysis), and set realistic goals.

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