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Website Migration, Without SERP Compromise!

Websites inevitably require a redesign every few years. Decisions are driven by a brand fresh, an enhanced user experience, a differing service offering, or a shift in a company’s positioning against its competitors.

Now after some years of work, any website will build some reputation, domain authority, SERP ranking, backlinks and all other achievements. Certainly you do not want to lose these achievements for the sake of building a new website. Because we all know, these achievements take a long time to build up. And once lost, its takes a long time once again to get them back.

Hence is our website migration or SEO migration service. Our expert web developer and SEO team will ensure that you lose not a single achievement of your website. No matter how much change you want to bring to your current website, your web achievements will remain intact.

Our professional teams know their task. To keep you worry free about your website, we will properly benchmark your analytics data, do proper URL mapping, updating the internal linkings, use canonicalization in all pages, remove duplicate contents, use proper redirects, create custom 404 page, creating an submitting new sitemaps and many more.

Livelong Digital’s website Migration service is an insurance policy for your website. It is critical for your business in order to protect historically hard earned organic rankings that are typically at risk of plummeting during a website redesign. Our website migration service acts to minimise this impact ensuring your sales leads from organic traffic does not come to a complete halt.

How We Do It

Analytics Benchmarking

Benchmarking the website for current performance.

URL Redirect Mapping

Crawling the current website for URL inventory and mapping with the new one.

Updating Internal Links

Updating internal links, menus, contents and sitemaps.

Tag Updates

Updating tags, meta data and keywords to retain current SERP ranking.

Search Console Configuration

Configuring Google Search Console and track performance.

Project Roadmap

Developing project timeline and maintain progress through PM tools.

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