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Rise to the Top of Google in Financial Services with the Power of SEO for Financial Services

Financial Services is subject to constant changes amid innovations and technologies. As a result, these companies must leverage SEO for Financial Services to maximize online growth within the digital world.

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of people use mobile payments for one or the other reason

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of customers engage with specific messages catering to their needs.

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of customers who conducted a local search visited the nearby outlet within the next few minutes

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Among millennials, 84% are perfectly happy to research their banking options through entirely digital means

The financial services industry has some of the most intense rivalries on the Internet. Investment companies, banks, insurance providers, and pension funds all compete in a very crowded arena. Due to the level of competition in the market, it is important to use SEO strategies to stay ahead of the curve.


Achieving Success with SEO for Financial Services

We constantly polish our skills and learn new methods for driving more visitors to websites with our SEO for Financial Services. With our professional expertise and top-notch SEO skill, we help financial institutions gain online visibility that leads to more sales. Additionally, we employ an ROI-based marketing strategy that produces results. Our experience also allows us to handle digital marketing campaigns in Australia and around the globe.

Taking Charge with Custom SEO Strategies for Financial Services

We created a ranking-building strategy that turns expertise and technology into significant leverage for financial institutions.

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SEO Audit

Our SEO specialists will look into the performance of financial websites and optimise on-site elements to boost ranking. We detail all findings and recommendations into a simple SEO audit report.


On-page SEO

We make sure financial websites follow the best on-page SEO practices. Our SEO specialists will conduct monthly SEO hygiene, supplemented by off-site optimisation to improve website performance.

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Link Building

We build authority and credibility of websites through DA link building strategies. Our team combines this with citation building and local SEO optimisation to increase relevance of the website.

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Analytics Reporting

We track metrics that matter to CPA firms and financial businesses. Our team sends monthly SEO reports with data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other SEO tools.

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Easy-to-access Progress Reports

We offer our customers a birds-eye view of their SEO activities. We provide our clients with more than just reports – we offer a visual of the entire campaign using the latest SEO tools. Our clients will be able to monitor all SEO campaigns in real-time, integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console, track keywords, page rankings and review traffic reports.

How Do We Do It?

Understanding Your Business

The first step in our process is to do a deep dive into your business. We dissect what your customers are searching for, what you need, and gain an understanding of your short and long-term business goals.

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Developing a Content Strategy

Next, our team of content strategists put their heads together to devise a strategy that drives traffic and leads, nurtures your leads into clients, and helps to achieve your business objectives.


Writing Your Awesome Content

Our expert writers will write your copy or content in a way that sounds just like you and your brand voice – so you can focus your time and effort on other areas of your business.

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Measure Your Success And Adjust Accordingly

We keenly keep track the analytics to identify opportunities for your continued growth and take advantage of any industry changes or developments. This ensures you maximise results over the long term.

What Industries need SEO the most?

Every industry is different. That’s why it’s important to get an SEO strategy tailored to your needs. As SE  experts, we modify our SEO services to ensure they fit your business, and the industry you’re in. This gives you the maximum possible results and the best bang for your buck! Here are some of the industries we work with to increase organic traffic:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of optimising your site is to make it more appealing to search engines like Google, and to help it rank high on search results. Most online users don’t go past the first page of Google search. Livelong Digital’s SEO services aim to take your website and brand to the top. Most businesses, including your competitors, are using SEO to stay relevant and visible online; make sure you will not fall behind.

Even the most successful businesses use SEO to maintain their customer base, search engine rankings and market share. SEO is not just for start-ups and small to medium businesses. If you think you are safe in your current first page ranking, think again. It can only take a few days, weeks or months to lose a position in the SERP.

Every business has different needs and we always strive to meet those. We never make promises regarding the amount of time needed for an SEO campaign to provide results. We will present you the facts – information about your website’s current performance (gathered through a comprehensive SEO analysis), and set realistic goals.

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