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Keyword Research


Finding valuable keywords that potential competitors are searching for driving traffic. 

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Find commercial keywords to unlock more search traffic

Keyword research is the process of finding valuable keywords that potential competitors are searching for. It’s a must-do report for every SEO campaign.

However, finding the search terms that will move the needle for your business takes time and resources.

You’ve got to pull keyword data, organise it in a spreadsheet, do search intent analysis, not to mention filter out any irrelevant keywords.

So let us do all of that for you.

Our keyword research process focuses on finding product and service keywords. These are commercial terms you need to be targeting. With new competitors, and changing searcher behavior and volume, agencies, small business owners, SEOs, and webmasters commonly find themselves re-doing time-consuming keyword research.

We focus on finding keywords that align with the services/products you offer. Focus on the tough stuff, and leverage our team’s scale and process so you can focus on the tough stuff in your business.

How it works

  1. You give us 5 topics (seed keywords) you want to rank for
  2. Our SEO’s research these terms, along with related terms, search intent and topic grouping.
  3. We organise this keyword research data into an action-oriented report

You can expect…

  1. Well-researched keyword research done by U.S. and Canadian marketers
  2. Robust process for finding commercial keywords to target
  3. Timely delivery of report

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