Case Study Template

Craft an incredible case study the easy way with this free case study template (available in Word, Google Docs and as a PDF). Whether you want to use your case study as a piece of blog content, or as a sales tool to close more clients, this template will give you everything you need.

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Case Study Template

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Case Study Template

Why Use a Case Study Template?

Case studies are one of my favorite types of content. They’re useful like a how-to guide. But they’re backed up with proof to show that the steps actually work.

Plus, bloggers LOVE linking to case studies. Why? Because they contain real numbers. Case studies also get a lot of social media shares (people love to share a good story) In fact, one of my most popular posts ever is when I first introduced the Skyscraper Technique. And it’s a case study.

Now: I’ve written a lot of case studies over the years. And I’ve noticed that there’s one particular structure that works like a charm. Every time.

So I created a template to help me bang out case studies FAST. Now, rather than staring at a blank page, I just whip out my tried-and-true template and start filling in the blanks. Starting today, you’ll be able to do the same.

What’s included?

Here’s what’s included in this case study template:

  1. The 3 major components to any winning case study: How to capture your audience’s attention, make them want to read the entire thing, and get them to share your post when they’re done.
  2. How to write your case study: What to include, what to leave out, and where to put everything in order.
  3. Paint-by-numbers walkthrough of every section of your case study: From the “setting the scene”, outlining the results, wrapping things up and more.

How to use this template

  1. Identify an accomplishment you’d like to highlight, whether your own or someone else’s (like a friend or client’s)
  2. Download the free Case Study Template on this page
  3. Follow the instructions in the template and fill in the blanks, adding plenty of detail
  4. Paste the template into the content editor of your website, format it and add images
  5. Publish and promote your case study

How to Make Sure Your Case Study Gets the Attention It Deserves

94% of all blog posts have 0 external links. Using a template will help you nail the fundamentals of your case study. Which is important. But if you want to attract lots of links and social shares, you’ll need to go above and beyond.

  1. Spend lots of time on your title. After all, people will only click through and read if your title draws them in. I include two things in every case study title: a very specific result with a number (like “How I Increased My Organic Traffic 652%”) and another detail that provides context and makes it more impressive (like “in 7 Days”).
  2. Speaking of titles, for more social shares, use a title that’s 14-17 words long.
  3. Make your case study beautiful and easy-to-read. According to Nielsen Norman Group, good visual design is one of the best ways to make your content appear more trustworthy. Definitely use as many high-quality images as you can. But don’t forget about font. Go with a font that’s between 15 – 18 pixels for the body of your content.
  4. Create a new, “branded” name for the technique your case study covers. (I call this the Branded Strategy Case Study, which is itself a branded name.) Giving your technique a branded name makes people more likely to remember and link to your case study.
  5. See my Complete Guide to SEO and Content Marketing for more best practices to follow.

Here Are The Templates One More Time...

Case Study Template

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Case Study Template
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