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Tech Seek - SEO update june 2022

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Whether you require a new network management option, hardware, computer security, or data processing software, Tech Seek Small Business IT Support can help you find the solutions that suit your needs and budget. This is essential. For Your business to grow and achieve stability, there needs to be in place the right technology.

Solutions Provided By Livelong Digital

Livelong Digital helped Tech Seek with the following SEO solutions:

Increase in the keyword growth

We have observed a continuous increase in extra organic keywords that started ranking for the website.

Please take a look at growth of organic keywords from May when started working till now.

Tech Seek Case Study

New and Improved Organic Positions

We have continued to optimise this campaign further and seen there is an increase in the new organic keywords and also there is an improvement in other keywords in month of June.

Tech Seek Case Study

Increase in the keyword growth

We have observed an overall improvement in the keywords positions. Also, there is some improvement in keywords in last 30 days and 7 days.

Tech Seek Case Study

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